Kulfi is an Indian dessert made by boiling milk till it thickens and then adding sugar and other flavors to it. The most common ingredients added to the kulfi are saffron, cardamom, pistachios, almonds, rose water etc. The dessert comes in many flavors and these days we even get chocolate and paan kulfi!


Is kulfi like ice cream? I would say not really. The texture of a kulfi is very different from that of a ice cream. It has a grainy texture whereas ice cream is really creamy and melts into your mouth. In India, we get kulfi on sticks [just like popsicles] and one is supposed to lick on to it.


Nowadays there’s another quick way to make kulfi. Just use store bought evaporated milk, whipped cream, heavy cream and condensed milk. Churn everything together in a blender and freeze it. That’s it! So simple right? Then why do we need to waste so much time in reducing the milk. 

This kulfi didn’t have a single ice crystal in it, it came out really well. I know people add bread etc. to make sure there are no ice crytals upon freezing but I think the key is to get the milk to a really thick consistency. Once the milk is really thick, there will not be any ice and the kulfi’s would freeze perfectly.


These days you gets all sorts of kulfi in the market- mango, chocolate, paan and even I shared a strawberry kulfi last year but if you want to taste the most authentic kulfi, then you need to try this malai kulfi. It’s simple milk, sugar, nuts and cardamom but the taste will leave you craving for more!

Cre: Cookwithmanali

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